Why do some of my shipments have a future ship date?

In observance of the 4th of July and Canada Day, USPS, UPS, Canada Post and FedEx will have limited operations. To accommodate this, ShipStation will be automatically setting these carriers' ship dates ahead a few days in order to better reflect your shipments' anticipated shipping time. 



  • USPS shipments with a ship date of July 4th will have an automated ship date of July 5th. 
  • UPS  shipments shipped on July 4th,  will have their ship date automatically pushed ahead to July 5th. 
  • FedEx Shipments with a ship date of July 3rd or 4th will have their ship dates pushed to July 5th. 


  • Canada Post shipments with a ship date of July 3rd will automatically have ship date pushed ahead to July 4th.
  • FedEx Canada will observe Canada Day on July 1st, and in lieu of Canada falling on a Saturday, will also observe the 3rd as a holiday, pushing all of these shipments' ship dates to July 4th.  
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