What is the FedEx Advantage Program?

To help expand your business's shipping options, FedEx offers substantially-discounted rates with their FedEx Advantage Program to all eligible ShipStation customers. To apply, simply apply the passcode SAVEBIG! and fill out the form on the FedEx Advantage enrollment page. There's no enrollment fees, and you can start saving on shipping as soon as you're approved for your own FedEx Advantage account. If you're not yet a ShipStation user, head here to sign up for a free trial!

Your pre-negotiated FedEx Advantage account gives you the following discounts.

        Your ShipStation Member Discounts:

  Up to 29% off

  Select FedEx Express® US     services

  Up to 25% off

  Select FedEx Express       international services

  Up to 20% off

  Select FedEx Ground®       services

  Up to 20% off

  Select FedEx Office®   services

If you would like to enroll in the FedEx Advantage program, click here. Remember to enter the passcode SAVEBIG! into the *Passcode field in the upper lefthand corner of the FedEx Advantage Page.

To reach the FedEx Advantage Page from within ShipStation, follow the steps below.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).


Next, select Shipping and then Carriers & Fulfillment from the sidebar on the left.

On the page that appears, click + Add a Provider.

A registration modal will appear, click I Accept after reading over the FedEx EULA.

Then on the next page in the modal, you will see the following text at the top of the page:

You'll be taken to the ShipStation /OADR landing page by clicking here! 

Once on the FedEx site, locate the*Passcode field in the upper lefthand side of the page. Enter the FedEx Advantage Passcode SAVEBIG! into the field and click Enroll Now. (This passcode must be entered to successfully set up a FedEx Advantage account.)


Once you enter this, click Enroll Now.


This will bring you to the FedEx Login page.


If applying these rates to an existing account, enter your User ID  and Password and click Login. This will apply the OADR negotiated rates to your FedEx account.

If you don't have a FedEx.com account, you'll need to complete and submit registration form by clicking Sign Up Now! 


Click Continue once finished. This will load your FedEx Advantage rates into your FedEx account! 

Now, you'll just need to head back to ShipStation and finish setting up the connection. For more info, head here.

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