How do I create a return label?

Within ShipStation, you can create a return label for an entire shipment or for select items within the order. This also allows you a more dynamic way of reporting what is returned and why. Once an order has been shipped, click Create Return for a desired order in the Shipments Toolbar. 

You'll now be within the Return tab within the Order Detail. 

Here, click Create a Return to process a new return label. 

Now, select all of the Return Order Items that will be included in the return shipment. You also have the option to select a reason for the item needing to be returned in the Return Reason dropdown.

Now, you can adjust the Return Shipping Info for the return order. (Click Show More to see the full list of shipping options.) 

If you would like to keep an internal note of this return shipment, enter it into the Return Notes field. 

Finally, choose if you want to Download label now, or Email label as attachment to the recipient (You may send the label to multiple emails if you separate the emails with a comma). 

Once everything is set up, click Authorize & Email or Authorize & Download (depending on the Send as: option selected) and you'll be set!

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