How do I set up Branded Returns Portal?

Returns are time consuming and are hardly ever going away. Instead of trying to avoid returns, we suggest that you embrace returns as an opportunity to learn and improve. A few negative return experiences can quickly add up to thousands of dollars of lost future sales. When you have a friendly policy and a seamless way for your customers to trigger returns, you have successfully built brand trust - a key ingredient to closing the sale and growing your business. Ultimately, you are more likely to retain the customer and soften the blow of a return by providing a superior return experience.

Setting it up only takes a few moments and helps elevate your brand! This just requires a little setup on the store level and adding the auto-generated link to the Find Your Order page to your website/ Shipment notification email. These user-facing returns are configurable on the store level, so make sure to set it up for each desired store. Keep in mind, that as with all return labels created within ShipStation, this feature is only supported for domestic shipments.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the lefthand sidebar.

Now, click Edit next to each store that you want to set up Express Returns for. Be aware that the information set up on your Branding page settings will apply to the header of your website's Find Your Order page. This header will have the same orientation as your Tracking Page.  

First, make sure you turn on the Branded Return Portal by clicking the slider button.


You'll next set up the Return Exception for how long a customer is able to generate a return label after its order ship date (the date listed as when the shipment was created). 


Now, configure the Return package type and return service for your return labels. (Keep in mind, that any label generated will be charged for creation.) You must select a specific Service and Package option. 


If you don't have auto-funding setup for USPS providers (, Express 1), you will be prompted to set it up. Currently, we do not support Endicia related services as an option for Branded Returns Portal.


Once you set up your Services and Exceptions, copy the auto-generated URL in the Branded Returns Portal URL section. This will be the page that is linked when the customer creates their return label. 


If you have a specific return policy, you can enter it to the Return policy message section. 


Once finished, click Save Changes. And here is what the finished product would look like: 


And the customer will be able to log into the return portal and enter their order number and the order's ship-to postal code and they can generate the return label with the service you've configured!


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