Where does the information set up on the Branding tab display?

To make sure you're getting the most use of your store's information, make sure that you have everything set up properly in the Branding tab. This information is important as it can be displayed on your packing slips, branded tracking pages, and emails. And if your ShipStation account is being used for multiple stores and brands, it will definitely be a vital component of setting each store's unique information apart.

When a field replacement for Company Name, Phone Number, and Email Address display on a template, this information originates here.


*If you see the Verify this email address message, be sure to follow these steps so that your Shipment and Delivery emails show your email address rather than Tracking@ShipStation.com. 

You'll also add your Store Logo, website name, and Social links on this page.


Once done, click Save Changes.

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