How do I import my stores' orders?

You may notice an order is in your selling channel/marketplace, but it has not imported into ShipStation. You may then think to yourself, "Now, hold up! I have automatic import turned on within ShipStation!" And while you can use the automatic import feature to have orders automatically pulled in periodically, this will not immediately pull orders into ShipStation. 

The recommended way of pulling orders into ShipStation is through a manual store refresh. This is your way of requesting orders when you're ready to process them. The automatic refresh is more of a safety net to pull orders into ShipStation during off hours (such as when you're business is closed, over the weekend, etc.).

To perform a manual refresh, head to the upper righthand corner of your ShipStation account. There is a circle formed by two arrows. Hover over that to see the full list of your stores. 


When you do so, you will see the available stores. 


Click Update All Stores to bring in available orders from all stores. And click on each individual store to import the orders of a specific store. 

If any new orders import into ShipStation, you will see the following message appear in the upper lefthand side: 




From ShipStation Mobile

To get started, locate this refresh symbol from the sidebar on the mobile app. Clicking this circle will refresh all stores at once!


You can also click Stores to select individual stores you want to refresh. 


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