How do I ship Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders in ShipStation?

Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders can be fulfilled through ShipStation using our premium integration with the Amazon Buy API. If you would like to fulfill these shipments through ShipStation, reach out to our support team and we'll enable it. 

Once enabled, you will have the ability to ship using your available Amazon Shipping services. There is no setup that you'll have to do within ShipStation. ShipStation takes care of all that for you.

When the connection is successful, you can filter your Amazon Fulfilled Prime orders using the Amazon Prime tag that is applied automatically to any Amazon Prime order that imports! 


And when you're ready to ship these orders out, it's enabled, use your available Amazon carrier options listed in the Service dropdown under the Amazon Shipping carrier. 


In order to access your negotiated rates setup with UPS, be sure to connect your UPS account. If currently logged into your Seller Central, head here for more information on connecting your carriers.

While there is no upgrade charge for your subscription fee for connecting to the Buy API, keep in mind that ShipStation will bill you an additional $0.20 for each Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime label created within ShipStation. You only pay for the Amazon Prime labels you generate! 

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