How do order alerts work?

Have you ever noticed the little red box at the bottom corner of your ShipStation profile icon? 


(Pro tip: Upload a photo to Gravatar to display your picture here in the icon!) 

Order alerts have a few different purposes:

  • You can set them up for specific order-level criterion via automation rules— "Oh! My vendor that needs his orders expedited had an order come in. 
  • You'll get product alerts if new product records get created or if your inventory threshold dips too low. 
  • Also, if a store is not configured to display your messaging and company information fully, an alert will be displayed. 

But! The most commonly alert deals with combine order alerts. If a customer places multiple orders, and they import into ShipStation separately, you will receive an alert for the customer's orders. (the customer ID that imports for the order and address must be the same in order for the alert to display. 

Click on your profile icon, and select View Alerts. This will bring up the customer whose orders need to be merged. Click on the customer's name hyperlinked in blue to bring up the orders that need to be merged. 

Follow the steps in this article to merge the orders, and you'll be set! 

Also, keep in mind that dismissing alerts will permanently dismiss the alerts for ALL users on your account, not just you. 

And once orders are merged, the alert will disappear once your browser page refreshes. 

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