How do I set up ShipStation?

So, you've signed up for ShipStation and want to start printing labels. You just have a few things you have to do first. First, you'll want to connect your stores. Next, you'll want to add your carrier accounts and set up your ship from locations, then configure your printer and label format. Here's a video that runs through the initial setup process. We know 



Connect Your Stores


ShipStation acts as a hub for all your different stores' orders. If you're new to ShipStation, head to the Welcome tab and click Connect a channel.


The available stores to connect with will appear. Choose the one(s) that you need to connect and follow the steps in the connection modal. 


Similarly, you can follow the steps outlined in this article to add a selling channel.

Fill in the required information for each store's setup process and your orders will begin importing once a store refresh is completed! 


Connect Your Carriers


Creating labels is at the center of ShipStation's functionality. To do this, you'll need to have your carrier accounts connected. Once your orders import into ShipStation, you'll want to connect a carrier or fulfillment provider.

On the Welcome tab, click Set up a carrier


On the page that appears, select the carrier accounts you need to connect and enter in the required information for each. 


Create your Ship From Location 

A Ship From Location is required to to get a shipping rate. This Ship From Location's address will also display as the return to address on a label. So, this will come into play even if you are bringing your packages to a carrier drop-off point.

For more information on what to do after you set up your shipping, check out this support article.


Printing Format 

Now that you're ready to create labels, the last step is to set up how your labels are gonna look when they print out. 
From the Welcome tab, click Select a label layout. This is where you will select your page layout. 
On the page that appears, select your page layout. A thermal printer will be the 4x6 options on the left. If you will be printing from a regular inkjet, etc. printer, you'll select the options on the right.
*Keep in mind that you can also print either 4x6 labels on the thermal printer or 2 labels per page on 8.5x11 and also select to
print a single packing slip per page on 8.5x11 after setup. 
Once you've gotten this configured, click Save settings
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