How can I see if an address was verified?

When an address is verified in ShipStation, the verification service will return with one of three icons. It will be located on the Recipient field alongside the recipient's name.  


Residential Address (US addresses only)


The verification service we use will return this house icon if the the address has been confirmed as being a residential address located within the United States. 


Commercial Address (US address only) 


If the verification returns a US-based address as being commercial, this office building icon will appear next to the recipient's name. 


International Address (Supported countries only


If an order from one of the nine supported countries (other than US) returns as verified, this globe icon will appear beside the recipient's name (International addresses are verified using the Melissa Database). 


Address not found (Global)


This is the icon that we receive when an order contains an address that cannot be found in the database. Be it, there being an improperly-formatted apartment number, a street number not being logged in the database, or the ship-to country being a non-supported country outside of those listed in this article. (Keep in mind that this warning will not prevent an order from having a label generated for it. It is there to let you know that the address is simply not found.)

Invalid City, State, or Zip


This is an error signaling that a label will be unable to be generated due to an invalid or missing recipient field. I.E. the City field may be blank or the postal code is in an incorrect format for the country the shipment is being shipped to.

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