How can I use ShipStation Mobile to check on my orders?

One of the great things about ShipStation is that it allows you to see all of your orders in a centralized place. Even better, ShipStation Mobile allows you to see all of your orders in a centralized place anywhere you go! 

While you can use ShipStation Mobile to print from anywhere, a great use of ShipStation Mobile is that  you can be alerted when new orders get placed. You don't need to log into eBay, or Shopify, or Amazon. ShipStation Mobile gives you access to everything you need to start your day's shipping. Even if you are not using ShipStation Mobile to create labels, this app is fantastic at letting you stay connected with your business. And it makes sense, why not be able to see the orders on the same device that can call, email, or text your customers and coworkers? 

Make sure push notifications are turned on for ShipStation Mobile, and your phone will get updates anytime orders import into your ShipStation account! 



This will occur any time orders refresh. And while it will happen regardless of if the refresh is manual or automatic, you can manual refresh stores from the app with as much ease as you can from ShipStation's web app! Head to ShipStation Mobile's lefthand sidebar and locate the circle formed by two arrows. Click that and your all of your stores' orders will import.


You can also click Stores (beside the refresh icon) to select individual stores you want to refresh. 


Once the refresh is done, and you get the notification that your orders imported, you can open to the Orders page, and check these newly-imported orders! It doesn't matter if you're at the post office, waiting in line at the bank, or just sitting on the couch! 

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