Why is the rate I am quoted at in ShipStation different than at UPS/FedEx?

​There are a few reasons why you may be seeing a different rate in ShipStation than UPS.com or FedEx.com. 

  1. Negotiated Rates are not yet synced with your UPS account in ShipStation. Even though the quote is higher in ShipStation, UPS invoices you at the rate you have agreed upon.
  2. Shipment details at the carrier's site do not match those on the order in ShipStation. This includes:
    • Differing Ship To and Ship From addresses between the carrier's site and ShipStation. Please ensure that your Ship From Locations in ShipStation have complete origin information.
    • Address type is marked as commercial when it is residential. When we get the carrier's rate for an order, we communicate with the carrier to confirm the address type. However, during rate calculation on UPS's & FedEx's site, you must manually determine the address type. Then, they invoice the additional residential fee after the package is delivered.
    • Order Confirmation is set to Delivery in ShipStation, which is an additional $2 fee, instead of the free Online Confirmation.
    • Shipment details such as package weight, dimensions and package type are marked differently on the carrier's site than in ShipStation. Oversize shipments must include the appropriate dimensions for an accurate rate calculation.
  3. For UPS, the pickup type is different in ShipStation than for your UPS account. (You can find more information about the restrictions for each rate at the bottom of this page.)
    • Daily Pickup must be enabled for UPS Negotiated Rates. Also, if you signed up for UPS through eBay's savings program, you get Daily Pickup rates.
    • Occasional Pickup gives you Retail Rates. (You can find more information here.)
    • Customer Counter will give you Retail Rates for your packages.​

If you have checked the above settings and still believe you are being quoted at an incorrect rate in ShipStation, please open a support case and include a screenshot of the full rate calculation in UPS.com or FedEx.com as well as the correlating order number in ShipStation in order for our team to investigate the issue.

Please note that both UPS & FedEx reserve the right to add additional fees to the shipment after the package has been delivered.

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