Why am I getting the error “PostalCode and/or CountryCode input does not match those associated with the AccountNumber” when registering my UPS account?

The error you are seeing will usually occur if the address you have entered into ShipStation does not exactly match what is listed on your UPS profile. Even minor discrepancies like the difference between "Dr" and "Drive" can cause issues. 

The best way to check is to compare the information side by side and look for any discrepancies. 
To do this you will navigate to the UPS website. Check My UPS > Maintain Your UPS Account > Select account, then “Continue” to view the address on file. When you get there, the URL for the page should be: https://www.ups.com/myups/profile

Compare the two addresses (one in ShipStation and one in UPS), copy the field from UPS and paste it into ShipStation.

Please note that you must enter a “Title;” this is a required field in ShipStation. If this area is blank in your UPS account, you will need to update this.

If you check the Contact Information address in UPS and continue to have issues, please check your pickup address in UPS by selecting your account under Maintain Your UPS Account in UPS, then clicking Continue.

Be sure that the address above matches the profile address in ShipStation. If it does not, please enter this pickup address into ShipStation instead. If you continue to have any issues, please send us a screen shot of your UPS profile and pickup address so we can look into it further for you.


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