How do I create a new Canada Post business profile?

If you've upgraded your Canada Post account to a commercial account with contract rates, you may need to add a business profile to your account. This is because, in order to recognize your new, commercial account status, Canada Post requires you to create a new user on your account that is registered using your Customer Number and Agreement Number. Additionally, we've teamed up with Canada Post to offer you $100 in shipping when you connect your volume-based commercial account with ShipStation, learn more here.

To get started, please be sure you have your Customer and Agreement Number on hand. 

Navigate to the Canada Post business log in page here and click Sign Up.

Choose a new Username, enter your existing Customer Number and Postal Code/Zip Code, then enter the Verification Code. Click Sign Up to proceed.

Enter your existing Agreement Number, and click Agree and Continue.

Please fill out the Profile Information. Please note, this information can be the same as the information in your original account profile. Click Agree and Continue button once complete.


Review the information entered, then click Save then head back to ShipStation. Navigate to Settings, then select Fulfillment / Shipping Providers, and click Add Providers to add your Canada Post account.

You should now have the payment option Pay by Account which confirms that the account has contract rates. Select this payment option and continue with the setup process.

That's it! Congratulations, you have successfully integrated your Canada Post account with ShipStation.

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