How do I submit my DHL eCommerce shipping manifest?

To electronically submit your daily manifest for DHL eCommerce shipments, first go to the Shipments tab in ShipStation.

Next, click the End of Day section on the sidebar. 

Here, you will see today's open shipments that are ready to be included on your DHL eCommerce shipping manifest. If you need to create a manifest for another date, simply click the date link to see a different set of open shipments.

Once you've located the DHL eCommerce shipments you'd like to close out, click on the corresponding Close Shipments link.

A dialog box will appear, listing all the DHL eCommerce shipments for the indicated day. All of the shipments will be pre-selected, but you can deselect shipments as needed. Click Close Selected to electronically submit data to DHL.

There won't actually be a printout, but you can close the dialog box and see a new record under the End of Day Forms section of this page. Now that DHL eCommerce has your electronically transmitted manifest, they can process your shipments!

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