Why am I getting the error "Incomplete commodity description" for my FedEx shipment?

When shipping internationally with FedEx, you may receive the following error when trying to create a label:

"Unable to create FedEx shipment. Incomplete commodity description 1."

This error means that the description on your shipment's first customs customs line item did not meet FedEx's keyword criteria. You might also see a similar error for your second, third, or fourth customs line item.  (Please note that if you're seeing a "Commodity is required" error, please check out this article instead.)

In order to resolve this error, you'll need to edit your customs declaration to have more descriptive line items and try again. By improving your descriptions, you can avoid delays in the delivery process.  For general guidelines on creating acceptable descriptions, check out FedEx's page on commodity descriptions.

For a specific list of keywords that are flagged as vague or incomplete, please refer to this FedEx reference guide.


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