How do I run down the postage balance for a specific USPS postage provider?

If you're using multiple USPS providers, or if you're planning on switching from one USPS provider to another, you may prefer to use the postage balance for a specific provider.

Because ShipStation has a feature that displays the cheapest only USPS providers, and another feature that automatically switches to the cheapest provider for a USPS service when you create a label, you'll need to make sure those features are disabled in order to use up a specific postage balance.

First, make sure that you have your Service selection gear set to "Postage Provider" by following the instructions in this support article. That setting will ensure that all the USPS services are split up according to postage provider, which will allow you to use the provider whose balance you want to draw down.

Second, you will want to turn off USPS rate optimization within ShipStation, by navigating to the setting at the bottom of this support article. By making sure that the appropriate box is unchecked, you can be sure that ShipStation won't change the provider on you when you create a shipping label. Normally this feature would save you money, but if you're trying to draw down a specific balance, you'll want to keep this feature disabled until that balance is gone.

That being said, the easiest way to zero out a balance with a USPS provider is to contact them for a refund! In case you need it, here's a list of our carriers' contact information.

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