How do I add Canada Post Commercial Account as a carrier in ShipStation?

At this time, if you are shipping from separate origin countries, such as United States and Canada, you must open a new ShipStation account -- one for US, and one for CA. 

If you are not sure about your account status or would like to apply for a commercial account, please call 1-800-260-7678 for more information. If you have a Solution for Small Business Account (formerly Venture One), you can follow the instructions found here to integrate. 

Once you confirm you have a commercial account with contract rates, you are ready to attach the account.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Shipping and then Carriers & Fulfillment from the sidebar on the left.

Click on Add a Provider Account.

Select Canada Post, then click Confirm.

From there, make sure the Commercial option is selected, click Finish, then log into your Canada Post account to continue the setup process.

Once you log into Canada Post, you should see a screen that displays the methods of payment on your account:

Please select the Pay by Account option and Continue  with the setup process. You cannot select your credit card as payment when configuring a Commercial Account.

You will also need to agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking Agree and Continue


If you do not see the Pay by Account option, your account is not recognizing commercial rates. If Canada Post confirms that you have a commercial account with contract rates, please see this article on how to add a business profile to your account.

Once you've configured your account, click the Edit link next Canada Post to review your account's Payment Method configuration.

Please note that you must create a Canada Post Manifest to ensure that your carrier accepts your packages and bills you properly. For more information on how to do this in ShipStation, please see this article.


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