What do the symbols next to the shipments mean?

When you look at your shipments screen, you may have noticed symbols to the left side of each of the shipments in a "Notifications" column.

     The marketplace was successfully notified that a shipping label was generated. Additionally, the marketplace acknowledged ShipStation's notification. The shipment went through successfully in all aspects. The label was generated, the marketplace was notified, and the shipping e-mail was sent to the customer.

     ShipStation successfully emailed the recipient a shipment notification.

If either of the symbols above are gray, then those notifications were skipped. This will be the case if your marketplace doesn't support these kinds of notifications, or if you decided to delay notifications or opt out of them altogether.

If the symbols are a different color, like red or yellow, you can hover over or even click on the symbols for additional information. In cases like these, the shipping labels are fine to use, but there was a communication problem with the marketplace or the customer's email. You can click on these icons for the option to retry any failed steps.

In a separate "Forms" column, there are some additional symbols you may see that will show that certain documents have been created. 

     Customs forms were created. If you click on this icon, you can download or print the customs documents. 

    End of Day forms (a.k.a. SCAN forms for USPS shipments) were created. Clicking this icon will allow you to download or print the SCAN form on which this shipment was included.

(If you don't see the "Forms" column, adjust your columns using the menu to the top right of the Shipments grid. Then, simply drag the "Forms "column to a convenient location.)

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