When can I restore an order?

While working in ShipStation, you might have seen the Restore button in the "Shipped" orders view. This button is for orders that need to be moved back to the "Awaiting Shipment" view on the orders tab.

To Restore an order, you'll need to select the order(s) and then once selected you will click the Restore button at the top of the page as shown above. 

Please note, this option will not display for every order. Only orders that do not have an active shipment record will be able to be restored. The reasons for an order not having an active shipment record could be one of the following:

•    The order's shipment has been voided
•    The order was "Marked as Shipped"
•    The order was cancelled
•    The marketplace updated the order as shipped

If an order has any of the four reasons above, you will be able restore that order back to the "Awaiting Shipment" view. This can be helpful if you've accidentally marked an order as shipped, or need to re-ship the order within ShipStation where it doesn't already have a shipment recorded.

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