How can I make sure that changes to a manually edited address are saved?

Sometimes it's necessary to manually edit an address in ShipStation so that it's different than the one from your marketplace. However, the corrected address may be overwritten during the order sync process, or if that customer orders again. You can lock so that it does not update to match the marketplace, and saves your changes within ShipStation.

To use this feature, find the order that needs its address changed, and open up its Order Details pop-up. (The order can be in any status and found from either the Orders or Customers tabs.) When the pop-up is open, look for the Buyer / Recipient Info section in the top center.

Then, click Edit to make or review any changes.

Once you've made any manual changes to the address, the address will be locked. The locked in address will override any changes the marketplace tries to make. If you want the order to later update to match the marketplace, just click Unlock Address and update your store. 

Then, simply close out of the Order Details pop-up if you don't need it anymore.

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