How can I bulk update information for several orders at once?

There are two ways to update order information. You can update carrier and shipment information by using the Bulk Update feature within the order sidebar. ShipStation can also Apply Bulk Actions to orders. These options are a lot like what is available in our Automation Rules and can update options all of your orders after they've imported. 

The first way you can update shipping information and specific fields for multiple orders is by selecting the orders you'd like to update, and then selecting the Show Sidebar checkbox to bring up the order sidebar. 

Change the field or fields you wish to update, and the selected orders will be updated immediately.

The second way you can update order information is by using Bulk Actions. For example just a few options are: adding dry ice options, setting specific packing slips for orders, or adding notes.

Just go to Other Actions, and then select "Apply Bulk Action".


Here, you have the option to apply the action to orders you've selected, or all of your orders in the current view. 

Just select your action and confirm! 

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