What does "Reprocess Automation Rules" do?

ShipStation has several features that allow you to automatically assign values to incoming orders, including:

  • Shipping Service Mappings (available via Account Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup > Store > Edit - Service Mappings)
  • Product Default Settings (available via Products > Products)
  • Order Automation Rules (available via Account Settings > Automation > Automation Rules)

If you modify one of these features, the changes will only be applied to future orders that are imported into ShipStation. If you would like to apply the changes to the current open orders, you may click the “Reprocess Automation Rules” on the Automation Rules section of your Account Settings.

When open orders are reprocessed, your automation, and other import rules are re-applied. However, certain import rules or actions will not apply:

  • Preset Group settings will not be applied.
  • Product Default shipping services (carrier/service/package/confirmation) will not apply to orders where these shipping services have already been manually selected.
  • We will not resend any confirmation e-mails that you may have set up with your automation rules; these will only be sent when orders are first imported. So, if you reprocess any order that has an e-mail sent via automation rule, these will not be resent.
  • We will not add or subtract weight via reprocessing automation rules.

​Please note that reprocessing open orders may overwrite values that you have manually applied to your open orders.

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