How do I create an order tag?

Order tags are useful for a number of things, but are mainly used for marking orders so that you can easily tell some piece or pieces of information about them. To create an order tag, simply follow the steps below.

On the Orders tab, select an order (an order must be highlighted in order to Manage Tags), click on Tags, and then Manage Tags from the action bar (Manage Tags is also available on the Customers and Products tab).

You can click Add Tag to create a new tag, or...

... you can click Edit to update a tag's text field and/or select a new color.

When you're done making changes, click Save for the tag you added/edited, and then click the X (or hit the Esc key on your keyboard) to dismiss the Manage Tags pop-up.

Now you can use your tags on products, in automation rules, for flagging specific customers, or any other way that you might want to mark an order.

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