Why are some of my Shopify orders/products not importing?

If the following setting is unchecked in Shopify for a product, Shopify will not send the product with the order.
            "Require a shipping address"
This option is used by Shopify to indicate a digital item that does not need to be physically shipped to your customer. 
Please note that a single product can have multiple variants with unique shipping/fulfillment settings. I could have ‘red’ and ‘black’ t-shirts. Configuring ‘red’ t-shirts to require a shipping address, and ‘black’ ones otherwise.

Also note that Fulfillment should be set to "manual". Otherwise, Shipstation assumes the order is fulfilled through a separate channel you have established directly with Shopify.

For more information on adding products in Shopify, please reference this article in their Knowledge Base:

You can also contact Shopify tech support directly:
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