How can I find my order within all open batches?

When you are creating open batches in ShipStation, these are user-specific. Another user on your account will know what orders you have in your batches through a couple different means.

First, ShipStation helps to avoid duplicates by not allowing an order to be placed in two different batches. If you or another user already has an order in a batch, there will be a notification to move that order if there is an attempt made to put the order into a second batch.

You then get the option to exclude the order, or move it to the new batch. 

You are able to see the batch # for any orders currently in an open batch by looking in the Open Batch column on the Orders tab. Hovering over the batch number will display the user's name with that batch. Other users' batches will be black; your batches will be bold and blue. If it is your batch, you can click on the batch # to view all orders currently in that batch.

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