How do I enable a USB scale to work with ShipStation?

In ShipStation, you have the ability to hook a USB scale to your workstation and then use it to weigh your orders for shipping within the app. ShipStation supports pretty much any USB scale that is directly connected to your workstation (Unfortunately, we cannot support SERIAL/COM scales, or USB scales connected via hubs or extenders). 

To get started, you will need to download and install ShipStation Connect (available for Windows and Mac). ShipStation Connect is a program that brings our web-application together with your devices. It's free to use and developed by us!

Whenever you edit an order to make it ready for shipment, you'll see a Scale button to the right of the weight fields.

Click the Scale icon and ShipStation will prompt you to select an input device.  Don't worry, you can check a box so that ShipStation remembers the one you pick!

Whether or not you check that box, go ahead and select one of your scales as an input method. ShipStation will immediately weigh the order and input the correct weight.

If you've already set a preferred scale within ShipStation, but would like to use a different one, you can do so by clicking the dropdown menu on the right side of the Scale button.

You should be all set! However, if your scale is having trouble connecting or reading weights, check out this support article for some advanced configuration options.

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