Why am I logged out of my account if someone uses it in another location?

​To maintain the security of our application and the integrity of your data, we restrict user accounts so that they cannot be concurrently used in more than one location. This means that if you log in on your computer, and someone else uses the same credentials to log in on through another browser, you will be alerted and logged off your session.

We want to make sure that your data is as secure and reliable as possible, and prevent unauthorized use of accounts.  

If you need to have multiple users work in ShipStation concurrently, ensure that each one of them has a dedicated username and password. Create new users and adjust their security permissions as needed. If you fear you may have someone logging into your account with your user information from another location that is not authorized, update your password, and contact ShipStation support for assistance in tracking down which IP addresses were being logged in from.

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