How do I adjust the layout of my Products page?

On the Products page in ShipStation, you can adjust the layout to include widgets in one or two lower panes to help you track your sales. In the top right corner, there’s a Layout dropdown menu that allows you to choose between viewing your Products page as a Full GridSingle Lower Pane, and Double Lower Pane


The Full Grid layout is the default view, and the Lower Pane options will open up one or more sections of the Products tab, which you can fill with the following widgets:

Sales History: Shows a graph of how many units sold for the selected Products (up to 6 can be selected) over a set time period.
Recent Orders
Displays orders with the selected product over the past 60 days. 

The Sales History widget allows you to see the number of units sold over time for up to 6 Product Records at once. If using the Double Lower Pane, you can see the sales trends of the same Products over 2 different time periods.

The Recent Orders widget gives you a list of Orders imported within the last 60 days containing the selected products.  If multiple products are selected, orders that have at least one of the selected products will be displayed.

You’re able to drag a pane’s top border to make them taller or shorter, and you can click on the little arrow tab on the top border to quickly collapse or expand the pane as needed.

If using two panes, you can drag the border between them to the left or right.

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