What is a Product Preset Group?

Tired of setting up the same shipping defaults for the same kinds of products? Use a product preset group to broadly apply shipping default and customs declarations settings.

As an example, consider a phone case. While you may sell dozens of phone cases, they may share the same weight, dimensions and preferred shipping settings. Creating a preset group allows the same settings to be shared by all phone case products, if the preset group is applied to the respective products.

You can manage your preset groups by visiting the Products tab, and then clicking on Preset Groups in the left sidebar menu.

Click Add Preset Group to specify a name for the preset group, as well as weight, dimensions, shipping preferences (including service, package, and confirmation type), and customs declarations. It's easy to modify an existing preset group; simply scroll over to the right to edit or delete it.

When you're ready to apply a product type, go back to Products in the left sidebar menu and select one or more product records. Click Apply Preset Group to select a preset group to apply to any checked product records.

Alternatively, you're able to open the Product Details window for a specific product record, go to the Shipping and Customs section, and modify the preset group there. Notice that the Product Details window indicates any values inherited from the applied preset group.

Keep in mind that preset groups are the first of the order importing rules, so they can be overridden by product defaults, service mappings, or automation rules.

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