How do I import products into ShipStation?

To bulk upload products into ShipStation, head to the Products tab. Then, click the Import button in the action bar.

At this point, you may want to download a CSV template to use for your products. You can do this by clicking the Download a sample CSV file link within the Product Import window. The Product Import process requires specific columns in any submitted CSV file. 

Once you have downloaded the sample file, open the CSV with an application like Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Insert the information about your products into the sample file. Do not remove any columns from the spreadsheet as this will cause errors. If you do not need this data, leave it blank.

Once your file is ready, save it, then click Select File (within the Product Import window) to upload your file. 

Next, select whether you identify products by SKU or name. These product settings should match your store settings. Refer to the article on missing products for more information.

You must also choose whether you want ShipStation to update existing products with the information in the spreadsheet or only import new products. Updating existing products is helpful for bulk updating your product defaults and profiles. 

Click the green Start Import button when you're ready! The upload may take a few minutes depending on how many products there are. You can close this window and ShipStation will work on this upload in the background. 

You’ll see a success message once your product import is finished! 

Please Note: Aliases can't be added, removed, or modified with a Product Import CSV. While Aliases may be exported with a Product Export CSV, any changes to those aliases won't affect any records when imported into ShipStation.

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