How do I export my products from ShipStation?

You can import and export product CSV files using ShipStation. This is useful to get a full product list, and to update your products in ShipStation. You can update products in bulk by exporting them, editing the CSV, and then re-importing.

In ShipStation, select the Products tab. 

Along the top of the products tab, select Export.

You'll see a confirmation page, and hit Export Now.

An export of your products will begin, and can run in the background. Depending on your products, this could take a few minutes and you can do other things within ShipStation while it works. 

You’ll see an alert on the top right once this is finished, with a link that will take you to the file on your computer. 

That's it! You've now exported your products.

Please Note: While Aliases may be exported with a Product Export CSV, any changes to those aliases won't affect any records when imported into ShipStation. Aliases can't be added, removed, or modified during a product import.

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