How do I combine product records?

Some selling channels may not allow you to set up skus exactly the way you want, and others may not allow skus at all.

If you're a multi-channel seller, these selling channel limitations could result in you having to keep track of multiple product records in ShipStation which represent the same exact product.

Don't worry! You can clean up any duplicate product records by going to the Product tab, selecting one or more product records, and clicking Combine in the action bar.

You'll see a window asking you to choose if you want to combine the products because they're variations or because they're identical. Choose the second option, which reads "These products are identical, but are sold under different SKUs."

In the new window you can drag additional product records, and also re-order the records so that the surviving product record is in the top slot.

When you're ready, click the green Combine button in the lower right of the window.

​The surviving record will stick around, and all the non-surviving records will be deactivated. Previous order history for the non-surviving products and will now point to the surviving record. Additionally, aliases will be created for the non-surviving product so that future orders for those products will count as orders for the surviving product instead (for product settings and reporting).

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