How do I create and print a test label?

If, when you create a new label, you want to see what that label will look like ahead of time (and without being charged for it, though you do need to make sure you have a balance in your USPS and/or Shipsurance account), you can create a test label for either or Express 1. (Unfortunately, UPS and FedEx do not support the creation of test labels.)

When you create a test label, it will use whatever information you have for that order, but it won't do anything to that order. Meaning, the marketplace and/or customer will not be notified. You will not be charged for the label, nor will the order be marked as shipped or create a shipment record. You can create and print the label just as you would normally, and the label will look exactly as it would were it a real shipment (other than the "Sample" text that appears).

To create a test label, simply select one of your orders, make sure that it has the correct carrier, method, and rate, and click the Create Label button.

Now, check the box next to "Create a test label", and then click Create Label.

Now you can view and print the label just as you would normally. Just remember that the order has not been altered, so you will need to create a "real" shipment when you are ready to ship that order.

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