Why are packing slips printed in between my labels?

By default, ShipStation prints Packing Slips “inline” when generating label batches. If you wish not to print packing slips inline with your labels.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Printing and then Printing Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Here, you'll see document printing settings. The Packing Slip option shows it's included in the label format, so you'll select the Document Options link under Options to change this setting. 

Here, you'll see the different formats for printing. Change this to the appropriate format for your printer and preferences. 

Save changes, and now you can set up your Packing Slip preferences by selecting the Document Options link for Packing Slips 

Now your packing slips and labels will print separately! You can always quickly change this by selecting Printing Setup in your Account Settings. 

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