Is there a specific type of label I should use to print with?

If you have a laser or inkjet printer, you’ll want to use 5.5" × 8.5" shipping labels, such as the Avery White 5-1/2 × 8-1/2-Inch Ink Jet Printer Labels (also referred to as Avery #8126 labels). Your local office supply store should also carry these labels, and you may be able to receive them for free from various shipping carriers.

You can also find them at these two locations (in addition to many more outlets): (The FC-0018's have some extra space!)

There is also another company that created an integrated shipping label specifically for ShipStation when printing via PDF. You can check them out here:

If you do a lot of shipping, we recommend purchasing a thermal printer capable of printing 4" wide labels such as the Zebra LP 2844. This will save you money over the longterm since thermal printers do not require ink.

We recommend purchasing your thermal printer from Solutions Gem. They offer quality printers at a great price and offer free technical support via phone and remote computer connection. Use coupon code “shipstation” for a 10% discount. Here a few links to their printers:

Brand new GoDex Thermal Printer with a 3 year warranty

Refurbished Zebra LP 2844 printer bundle with 500 count 4 × 6 thermal labels

Refurbished Zebra LP 2844 printer by itself with 90 day warranty​

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