What is Label DPI?

Label DPI (or "dots-per-inch") is the resolution at which your labels are printed. Some of the thermal printers or computing hardware you might use are calibrated to use a specific DPI for printing out labels. In most cases, you will never need to change away from 300 DPI (the default) since that is the current standard for printing high-quality images and labels from computer to physical.

However, certain hardware configurations (for instance, a Zebra LP 2844 thermal printer that is set up to print from a Mac) need a different DPI—in this case, 203 DPI—where you will need to change this setting.

All our articles on setting up printers include how to change this setting in their instructions, if such a change is necessary. If you have not been instructed by one of these articles to change it, leave it at 300 DPI.

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