How do I connect my OpenCart store to ShipStation?

To connect your OpenCart store with ShipStation follow the steps below.

1.) You'll need to download the ShipStation extension from the setup page when you go to add your OpenCart store to ShipStation.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Then, using an FTP program (we're using Filezilla for this example), extract the shipstation folder to your OpenCart folder. 

2.) Now, you need to modify the permissions (chmod) on your config.php file to 777. (To do this in Filezilla, right-click the config.php file and choose "File Permissions." Then, just change the number to 777.)

3.) Once you've done this, sign into your OpenCart admin site, and go to Extensions, and then Modules.

4.) Now, find the ShipStation line, and click Edit.

5.) If there are no keys in the two fields, make sure that you generate new ones, and then Save.

6.) Keep the key page open as you'll need to copy both the ShipStation Key and ShipStation Verification Key into the app.

7.) Now, go back to your ShipStation account and choose to add an OpenCart store, if you haven't already. Here, enter the ShipStation Key and ShipStation Verification Keys you copied, and the URL for your store. Then, test the connection. 


8.) If you use any custom statuses, you'll need to change them while you're setting up your store in ShipStation.

When you're done click Finish to fill in the rest of the information for the store and you have set up your OpenCart store in ShipStation!

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