I have multiple Magento stores under a single account. Can ShipStation support this?

Yes, multiple Magento stores can be set up in ShipStation. First, follow these instructions for connecting your Magento Community store up until you have to enter your Store URL.

Instead of entering your web site URL in the Store URL field, you'll want to enter a URL in one of the two following formats:

  1. https://[web site]/api/auctane/index/store/[store view code]
  2. https://[web site]/index.php/api/auctane/index/store/[store view code]

Then, continue with the above instructions and repeat as necessary to add your multiple Magento stores.

Tip #1: The format of the URL will depend on whether your installation allows direct access to PHP files.  Here are example URLs using both formats:
  • https://www.mysite.com/api/auctane/index/store/golfstorecode
  • https://www.mysite.com/index.php/api/auctane/index/store/golfstorecode


Tip #2: You can find the Store View Code in your Magento Admin Panel by going to System > Manage Stores.

Then click the link under the Store View Name column.

The Store View Code can be found in the Code field.

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