Why isn't ShipStation showing some of my open orders?

If you are not seeing new orders in ShipStation, please ensure the following:

1.) Make sure you are using the “Update” menu to refresh your store on a regular basis to keep ShipStation in sync with your sales channel information.

2.) Look for a red X in the Update menu. If you hover over the Update menu and see “An error occurred X minutes ago…”, then something went wrong with your last update. You can retry the update immediately. If it is still unsuccessful, please open a support case. Make sure to give us the order #s that are missing.

​3.) Some orders are not necessary to import. These include orders that are known to be fulfilled by other services (such as Fulfilled by Amazon when you sell on Amazon.com), as well as digital download orders. Orders that do not have shipping information may not be imported to ShipStation (depending on the marketplace).

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