How do I connect my WooCommerce store to ShipStation?

To set up your WooCommerce store, you'll just need to first install the free  ShipStation WooCommerce Extension . WooCommerce has a thorough Installation Guide, however we have also put together a setup guide below. Please refer to the installation guide for more information.

Version Requirements for the WooCommerce – ShipStation plugin:
Word Press: Version 4.0+
WooCommerce: 2.2+

First, download the plugin to your computer.

Next, in your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins, and click on Add New.


Here, click on the Upload link and select the plugin zip file from your local computer, then click Install Now. Once installation is complete, click Activate Plugin.

Now navigate to WooCommerce menu within WordPress, then select Settings.

Click the Integration tab to get to your ShipStation Settings. Here, copy your Authorization Key to later input into ShipStation:

You can select any custom statuses you may have that you’d like to export to ShipStation, and choose the Status you’d like the orders to go in after they have been shipped in ShipStation. 

Now that you have configured your settings for the ShipStation app, login to ShipStation, and add a new WooCommerce store. You'll start at the Account Settings gear in the top right, and then select Selling Channels, and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left. 

Copy and paste the Authorization Key from WooCommerce into ShipStation, and enter in your store's URL. 

Click Test Connection. The connection should be successful. If you have any custom statuses, map these to the custom statuses in WooCommerce, hit Finish and that’s it! You'll be taken to finish up your specific store settings to be used within ShipStation: Store information and logo, communications, how your products are handled in ShipStation, and service mappings. 

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