How can I import "Warehouse Location" into ShipStation from Magento?

In order for "Warehouse Location" to import into ShipStation, you must first be sure that you are on the latest version of the ShipStation extension (no earlier than v 1.3.6). Check Magento Connect > "Release Notes" for the latest versions

Once you've verified that you're on the latest extension, you must create a custom attribute for your "Warehouse Location" in Magento (if you haven't already), then tell Magento it needs to export this custom attribute to ShipStation. Follow the instructions on how to export "Custom Attributes" from Magento to ShipStation in a separate article here.

Enter the warehouse location attribute as it appears in Magento in your Magento Store Connection in ShipStation, e.g. if "Pick Location" is the way the attribute displays in your Magento admin, you should enter it as such:

Please note that there are two types of attributes in Magento: "system" and "user-defined". Be sure that your attribute is set to "user-defined" in order for it to export to ShipStation.

For instruction on how to connect your Magento Store, see this article

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