Why aren’t my orders importing into ShipStation?

There are a few reasons why your orders may not be importing, including connection issues with your marketplace, custom order statuses, order types, and some other reasons.

Marketplace Connection Issue:
If you are encountering an error message when you attempt to update your store(s) within ShipStation, you may need to reconfigure your store. You can find instructions here.

Order Status Mapping:
Some marketplaces allow custom statuses, where you must map your custom status to the ShipStation order statuses. If your order has a status that isn't mapped then ShipStation will not know to import it. To update your order status mappings, please follow the instructions here

* Please note that reconfiguring the connection will always display default statuses, not necessarily the ones that are mapped for your store.

Order Type:
Some order statuses are not necessary to import. These include orders that are known to be fulfilled by other services (such as Fulfilled by Amazon when you sell on Amazon.com), as well as digital download orders and orders already listed as Shipped or Cancelled.

* Please note depending on the marketplace, orders that do not have shipping information may not be imported.

Order Date:
An order may not pull into ShipStation depending on the order date in the marketplace. For example, ShipStation will only import PayPal orders from the same day. If your orders are several weeks old, you may need to request that our support staff specifically pull orders from these dates for you. 

Some Marketplaces use plugins or extensions to connect with ShipStation. If your plugins are out of date, this can prevent orders from importing properly. Always make sure you have the latest versions. If plugins change the order date or the status of the order this may also prevent the order from importing.

If after checking all these items you are still unable to import orders, there might be an issue that we need to research further. If this is the case, you will want to create a support ticket and include the following information:

  • Store configuration data: (Username/Password, API Key, store URL, etc.)
  • Screenshot of the order as seen in your marketplace
  • Order Number
  • Order Status
  • Order Date
  • Paid Date
  • Recipient Name

In case you need some help with capturing screenshots, please read this article.

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