How can I easily see my ChannelAdvisor Distribution Centers for my orders?

In order to import the Distribution Centers (DC) for your ChannelAdvisor orders, all you need to do is create a tag in ShipStation for the same value as your ChannelAdvisor DC code.

For example, if you have a distribution center in ChannelAdvisor titled "Dallas", add a tag in ShipStation called "Dallas".

If you'd like more information on how to create an order tag, please see this article.

After you've added a tag in ShipStation for each of your distribution centers, ShipStation will automatically assign the appropriate distribution center tag.

Please note that because an order can contain products with a mixture of different distribution centers, ShipStation will add all distribution centers tags that apply to the order. You can then split the order if it must be shipped from separate locations. For more information on splitting orders, please see this article.

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