How do I add Celery to ShipStation?

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Connecting your Celery account to ShipStation is a quick process. There are some details to know before you get started: 

  • You will need to select orders to be Fulfilled by ShipStation for orders to import. 
  • Once orders import into ShipStation, they will be locked and changes to the order cannot be made in Celery. 
  • Orders should be Paid before you use the Fulfill with ShipStation action. 
  • Please do not delete any products in Celery that have not yet been fulfilled through ShipStation. 

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).


Next, select Selling Channels and then Store Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Then Connect a Store or Marketplace

Search for and select Celery from the partner list. Here, you'll see steps for logging in, and the information required -- which you'll get from the Celery side. 

Log into your celery admin, and go to Settings, then Apps. Here, you'll just need to toggle the Enable ShipStation setting under "Fulfillment Integrations." 

Underneath "Fulfillment Integrations", you'll see the Celery API User ID and Access token. Copy these, and paste them into ShipStation. 

Test the Connection, and then Click Finish! You'll be taken to the ShipStation Settings page for your Celery store, where you can set up your logo, customer communications, service mappings, and more. 

To get orders into ShipStation, you will need to select for those orders to be Fulfilled with ShipStation through either the Actions dropdown or a Bulk Action in Celery. 

When you are ready to import orders, make sure the orders you want have been selected to Fulfill with ShipStation in Celery, and then update your stores in ShipStation. 

To find out additional information on this integration, you can view the help article from Celery.

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