How do I import orders into ShipStation from Quickbooks Desktop via Connex?

Connex is a third-party application that syncs orders between ShipStation and Quickbooks Desktop. Orders can be pulled from ShipStation into Quickbooks Desktop and pushed from Quickbooks Desktop into ShipStation. This integration's supported versions include QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Wholesale and Manufacturing. Please note they must be running 2007 or higher. Connex is available to any ShipStation user that using ShipStation's new interface. 

Before you can send orders to ShipStation from Quickbooks Desktop, you must first setup Connex. You can view our Connex setup article here.

The following instructions were created using the Connex support article found here

You can send orders from Quickbooks Desktop via Connex by logging into Connex and going to the Configure page, then clicking the Advanced tab. Next, enable Sync orders from Quickbooks and adjust the dates

Please note that each order must have a class called ShipStation. To enable class tracking in Quickbooks, you must log into your Quickbooks account, click Edit, Preferences, Accounting and select Use Class Tracking for Transactions. Then, you can create a new invoice in Quickbooks and mark the class as ShipStation. 

When creating an order in Quickbooks, please use the following format:

Person's Name
Company (optional)
Address 1 + Address 2
City, State Zip

Here is an example order as it appears in Quickbooks: 

And the corresponding order in ShipStation:

Once the web connector runs, the system will query modified invoices from QuickBooks and transfer them to ShipStation. If you set the auto-sync function on your web connector, then it runs automatically. The dates, as shown above, will reset to one hour ago and get the latest orders.

Current Limitations:

At this time, grouped items are not supported through this integration. Additionally, only invoices can transfer from Quickbooks to ShipStation. (Connex does plan on making sales orders and sales receipts available in a future release though)

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