What do the ShipStation General Settings in the Magento Admin panel do?

Magento is highly customizable shopping cart software for your website, and you'll want to take full advantage of those features as your orders import from Magento into ShipStation. If you install the ShipStation extension, you'll have access to a dedicated ShipStation settings page that will help you do just that!

To find these settings, make you're logged into the Magento Admin Panel, go to System, and select Configuration in the drop-down. 

Next, find the ShipStation section and click General Settings

Click the small arrow to make the settings show up.

Once you do that, you should see these four settings:

Each of these options has a dedicated support article that explains how their settings work. You'll find brief descriptions and links to those articles below:

Price export type lets you to export either the storefront-specific currency or the base price currency as your orders import into ShipStation.

Import Discounts allows you to enable or disable coupons and discounts sent from Magento to ShipStation.

Export custom attributes as custom options gives you the ability to pick and choose which of your Magento custom attributes import into ShipStation as Item Options on purchased products.

Import Child Products enables a bundle/kit's individual components to import alongside the bundle/kit. Please note that this doesn't cause the individual components to import instead of the bundle/kit.

If you make any changes to these settings, don't forget to click Save Config in the top right! Since these are really export settings, changes you make here typically impact future orders only.

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