How do I customize my packing slips?

In ShipStation, you have the ability to customize both your packing slips and e-mail templates that are sent to your customers. It's easy to edit these templates and create new ones for each of your stores. Then, you can even set up your stores or automation rules to use specific templates for certain circumstances.

*Please note that you need to be on a Silver or higher plan to customize your packing slips.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Templates and then Packing Slips from the sidebar on the left.

From this screen you can create a new packing slip template. You can also choose to copy or modify an existing template. No matter which option you choose, a window will then display with an HTML editor where you can create your packing slip. On the right side of the window are "Field Replacements," where you can choose to use fields (much like in a mail merge) to dynamically generate the right content, like Order Numbers and product details. A full list of Field Replacements for Packing Slips is attached to the bottom of this article.

There are also different sections of the packing slip that will generate different content. Clicking on each of the grey bars will make the HTML editor display that section of the template. While the Order Header, Items Header, and Footer will not repeat on the page, the Order Items section is the template for each of the line items in the order. 

Once you're done customizing your packing slip, you can now choose to print a sample slip. Just make sure you save your changes before closing out the window. Now, you have a new customized packing slip you can apply to your orders and send to your customers! 

Do you need some sample HTML to get started? Check out this support article for ideas! If you're interested in seeing the whole of the packing slip (including the hidden CSS), you can download the full HTML file at the bottom of this article. It includes all the individual sections, separated by HTML comments.

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