How do I add a separator line between products on my packing slips?

You're able to add a separator line between products on your packing slips, which is helpful if your workflow relies heavily on packing slips in order to run smoothly.

*Please note that you need to be on a Silver or higher plan to customize your packing slips.

Head to your Account Settings (the gear icon in the upper right).

Next, select Templates and then Packing Slips from the sidebar on the left.

Either copy or edit an existing template, and the Order Header section should open by default.


At the very top of this section, you will need to insert the code below (modified for your font-family of choice):


table.footer {
    border-top:solid 0px #707070;
table.line-items tr td {
    padding: 0.1in 0in 0.1in 0in;
    border-bottom:solid 1px #707070;

After you do that, the section should look like this:

Click Save, and your customized packing slip will be available to use! Here's an example of what mine looks like, when applied to an order.

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