How can I ship multiple packages for one order?

It's easy to create a shipment with multiple packages in ShipStation! First, find the order for which you need to ship multiple packages and view it in the Order Details screen or the Order Sidebar on the right.

Now, choose a carrier and once the carrier is selected, you should see a "+" icon to the right of the Package dropdown menu.

Once you click that icon, a new window will open to allow you to create multiple component packages. Any relevant weight and dimension details from the Order Details or Order Sidebar will be transferred into the first package of the "Ship Multiple Packages" window. To add more component packages, simply click Add a Package.

Repeat the process of adding packages until you’ve created all the component packages needed for the shipment. The weights you put here will automatically add together when you view the order on the Order Detail screen or in the Order Sidebar. If you'll be entering the same configuration of component packages over and over, consider saving a package set before you click Save Changes.

The labels for multiple packages will print the same way they do for any other shipment, only there'll be more of them! Each individual package will have its own tracking number and label, but there will be a master tracking number that will track the combination of packages. The master tracking number is the one that will be sent to your marketplace and customer. You may wish to send an additional e-mail to your customers with the individual tracking numbers, but that's up to you to do outside of ShipStation. 

Remember, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, and Purolator (Express package only) support multi-package shipments, though USPS providers like do not. You will need to purchase a label for each additional package when creating shipments with USPS orders that need multiple packages. You can print labels again for an order from the Shipped status on the Orders tab. If the order in question has more than one quantity total, you can also split the order to create multiple labels without having to re-ship.

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